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                   Handy Mat                        Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stakes     Directors
                                                    Patio Rugs Stakes
                   Football Field
               SECTION 01  This Handy Mat           easily secure your patio
                                                    rug or outdoor mat
                                                    to the ground.
                   is perfect to
                                                    Made of
                   take with you
                   wherever you
                                                    nickel-plated steel.
                   go and can
                                                    Low-profile ensures a
                   seat up to four
                   adults. It’s ideal for picnics, beaches, RVing
                                                                Patio Rug Stakes 4Pk
                                                    052004 2-2000
                   and outings. Includes built-in handles   smooth walking surface.  $4.65
                                                    052005 2-2001
                                                                Patio Rug Stakes 6Pk
                   and convenient pockets on both sides to
               OUTDOOR GEAR
                   accommodate personal items. Features
                   a football field pattern print. Folds out
                   to 60-inches x 78-inches and folds to a   Tent Stakes
                   compact 15-inches x 10.5-inches. Durable
                   polypropylene is weather-proof and mold   Plastic Tent Pegs - Rugged
                   and mildew-resistant. Weighs only 3 lb. UV-  design 9inches in length. Large
                   stabilized for years of use. Easily cleans with   no-slip hook. Bright and easily
                   soap and water.                  seen. Durable polypropylene.
                   050038 42819 Handy Mat Football Field 60” x 78”  $15.39  Great for staking down your tent   Ming’s Mark Director Chairs are made
                                                                                     with an aluminum frame, 600D polyester
                                                    when camping. 6 per package.
                                                                                     fabric, including a side table, cup holder
                                                    050010 9496  9” Tent Stakes 6Pk  $4.14  and accessory pockets.
                                                                                     Product Dimensions:
                                                                                     • Seat - W 19.8”, D 16”, H 18.9”
                   Handy Mat RV-Pattern                                              • Open - W 34.8”, D 19.5”, H 32.7”
                                                    Fasten Footpath                  • Weight - 8 lb, Capacity - 300 lb.
                                                                                     • Folded - W 18.5”, D 6”, H 32.6”
                                                    Provides a sturdy,                  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive
                                                    solid stepping                   Harm -
                                                    surface in                                      Folding Director’s Chair -
                                                    muddy areas.                     040080 SL-1204-BLACK Flag  Black Flag  $71.78
                                                    Great as                                        Full Back Director’s
                                                    stepping stones-                 040081 SL-1204-BLUE  Chair - Blue  $71.78
                                                    helps keep shoes                                Full Back Director’s Chair
                   This Handy Mat is perfect to take with you   clean. Carrying handle   040082 SL-1204-BURGUNDY  - Burgundy  $71.78
                   wherever you go and can comfortably   easily twists to secure blocks together for   Full Back Director’s Chair
                   seat up to four adults. It’s ideal for picnics,   storage. Cut-out design makes for fast   040083 SL-1204-GREEN  - Green  $71.78
                   beaches, RVing and outings. Includes built-  and easy clean up. Made of durable, UV-  Full Back Director’s Chair
                   in handles and convenient pockets on both   resistant polypropylene.  040089 SL-1204- BROWN  - Brown  $71.78
                   sides to accommodate personal items.   050101 44530  FasTen Footpath, Charcoal  $18.48
                   Features a reversible RV-pattern print. Folds
                   out to 60-inches x 78-inches and folds to a
                SPECIAL ORDER  compact 10.5-inches x 15-inches. Durable   Rocking Directors Chair  Heavy-Duty
                   polypropylene is weather-proof and mold
                   and mildew-resistant. Weighs less than 2 lb.
                                                                                     Directors Chairs
                   UV-stabilized for years of use. Easily cleans
                   with soap and water.
                   080904 53266  Life Is Better At The Campsite’   $24.99
                               RV-Pattern 60” x 78”

                   Awning Mat Anchors

                   Keep your carpet flat with       Rocking Director Chair This folding chair
                   carpet anchors. Get rid          has a sturdy flat-aluminum frame, 800D   Heavy-duty Burgundy Director Chair with
                   of the rocks that you’ve         nylon fabric, and accessory pockets.   side table, 20.5” seat width, heavy-duty
                   been using to keep your          Capacity 250 lbs.                flat aluminum frame, cushion, and 800D
                   carpet from “bunching up”                                         nylon fabric. Weighs less than 10 lbs.
                   or blowing away. One set             WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive   Capacity 500 lbs.
                   of four, white plastic clips     Harm -
                   with four hold-down mails                       Folding Rocking Chair    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive
                   will keep the carpet flat on     040085 SL-1205-BROWN  - Brown  $84.39  Harm -
                   the ground, low profile moulded plastic.        Folding Rocking Chair -   040087 SL-1214  Black w/Side Table  $105.98
                   050013 45631  Carpet Anchors  $3.41  040086 SL-1205-BURGUNDY  Burgundy  $84.39  040088 SL-1215  Burgundy w/Side Table  $105.98
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