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01  OUTDOOR                                                                                                                2


                                                        From RV Expert Mark Polk of RV Education 101                       SECTION 01


                                                                               Tip #1

                                          A patio mat is a nice accessory to extend your outdoor living space. When
                                           you purchase a patio mat measure the length of your awning and buy one

                                                             that covers that same amount of space.

                                                                               Tip #2                                       OUTDOOR GEAR

                                          Small folding tables are great to have on camping trips. They are compact

                                               and easy to store, and can be used anywhere inside and outside.

                                                                               Tip #3

                                            Butane lighters (gas match) are handy to keep in the RV. You can them

                                            to light the oven or to help start a campfire. We keep one inside and one

                                                              outside so they are easily accessible.                       PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

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