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                                                                                     Plush Blanket
                   Handy Mats w/Strap               Outdoor RV Awning                • Camco’s Life is Better

                                                    Mat Storage Bag
               SECTION 01                           • Provides Easy Storage and      • Provides Warmth and Comfort: The
                                                                                      at the Campsite Plush
                                                                                      Fleece Blanket helps
                                                                                      keep you warm and
                                                                                      comfortable while at
                                                     Transportation: Allows you to
                                                     easily store and transport your
                                                                                      home, camping or on
                                                     RV’s outdoor awning mat
                                                    • Compatibility: Fits Camco
                                                     reversible awning mats (6 ft.
                   This Handy Mat is perfect to take with you
                                                                                      and comfortable while at home, camping
                                                     x 9 ft. and 9 ft. x 12 ft.)
                   wherever you go. Includes built-in handles
                                                                                      or on picnics
                   and convenient pockets on both sides. Folds   • Features: An adjustable   perfect blanket to help keep you warm
                   to a compact 10.5 x 15 inches. Perfect for   shoulder strap and handle for easy   • Ultra-Soft Material: Made of 100% plush
                   picnics, beaches, RVing and outings, Durable   carrying, a drawstring for convenient   polyester
               OUTDOOR GEAR
                   polypropylene is weather-proof and mold-  opening/closing, and an exterior pocket   • Machine Washable: Easy to clean; Machine
                   and mildew-resistant. UV-stabilized for years   to store awning mat anchors   wash cold—see the care tag for details
                   of use. Easily cleans with soap and water.  • Measurements: 39-inches (L) x 15   Fleece Blanket - Blue Queen
                                                     ¼-inches (W) x 7 ½-inches (D)   080420 53440               $48.15
                            Handy Mat W/ Strap, Blue/ Green                                     Size 90” x 90”
                   050023 42805                $18.95  • Durable Construction: This polyester bag
                            Stripes, 60” X 78”
                            Handy Mat w/ Strap, Blue/ Turquoise/   has waterproof PVC on the inside and
                   050031 42806                $19.40  PVC mesh on the bottom; Straps are
                            Green Stripes, 60”x78”   made of nylon
                   050037 42814 Blue/ Green Stripes, 72” x 108”  $30.52
                                                    091100 42739  Awning Mat Storage Bag 39” x   $21.67
                                                                15-1/4” x 7-1/2” Black
                                                                                     Decorian RV Rug Set
                   Handy Mat RV-Pattern                                              These DECORIAN
                                                                                     2-Piece RV Rug
                                                                                     Sets include a
                   This Handy Mat is                                                 Kitchen Mat (24”
                   perfect to take with                                              x 36”) and a Hall
                   you wherever you go                                               Runner (26” x 72”).
                   and can comfortably                                               Made with skid resistant backing. Cocoa
                   seat up to four                                                   Brown and Fossil Gray sets available.
                   adults. It’s ideal for                                            552101 5-0268  2-Piece Rug Set Cocoa Brown  $86.14
                   RVing and outings. Includes built-in handles  Picnic Blanket      552102 5-0269  2-Piece Rug Set Fossil Gray  $86.14
                   picnics, beaches,
                   and convenient pockets on both sides to
                   accommodate personal items. Features
                   a reversible RV-pattern print. Folds out
                   to 60-inches x 78-inches and folds to a
                   compact 10.5-inches x 15-inches. Durable
                   polypropylene is weather-proof and mold                           Surface Mate Patio Rug
                   and mildew-resistant. Weighs less than 2 lb.
                   UV-stabilized for years of use.
                               Life Is Better At The Campsite’   $31.69
                   080904 53266
                SPECIAL ORDER                       This blanket is easy to carry, expands to
                               RV-Pattern 60” x 78”
                                                    57 x 57-inches and folds up to 15 x 11 x
                                                    4-inches with hook-and-loop fastener
                                                    to keep the blanket folded for storage. It
                                                    features a water-resistant bottom so your
                   Football Field                   bottom stays dry and a soft top for   Surface Mate patio rug with rubber stake-
                                                    sitting, lounging and relaxing. When you’re
                   This Handy Mat is                done, fold it up, secure the ends so it   down straps, ground stakes with washers,
                                                                                     hook-and-loop fastening discs, and snap
                   perfect to take with             doesn’t come undone, and carry it with   fastener screw studs. UV-protected against
                   you wherever you go              the handy adjustable shoulder strap.  sun and fading. Solid marine backing prevents
                   and can comfortably                                               dirt and mud from coming through. Resistant
                   seat up to four adults.              WARNING: This product can expose   to mold and mildew. Finished on all edges.
                   It’s ideal for picnics,          you to chemicals including lead, which
                   beaches, RVing and outings. Includes built-in   is known to the State of California to
                   handles and convenient pockets on both   cause cancer and birth defects or other    WARNING: This product can expose you
                   sides to accommodate personal items.   reproductive harm. For more information,   to chemicals including BBP, DEHP and DIDP,
                   Features a football field pattern print. Folds   go to  which are known to the State of California
                   out to 60-inches x 78-inches and folds to a   Picnic Blanket - Black & Yellow   to cause cancer and birth defects or other
                   compact 15-inches x 10.5-inches. Durable   040027 42800  Checkered, 51” x 59”  $18.22  reproductive harm. For more information go
                   polypropylene is weather-proof and mold      Picnic Blanket - Red & White   to
                   and mildew-resistant. Weighs only 3 lb. UV-  040028 42801  Checkered, 51” X 59”  $20.77  051182 2-1182  Patio Rug 6x9 Espresso  $79.82
                   stabilized for years of use.                 Picnic Blanket w/ Carry Strap,   051183 2-1183  Patio Rug 6x9 Imperial Blue  $79.82
                   050038 42819 Handy Mat Football Field 60” x 78”  $19.90  420051 42808  Chartreuse, 57”x 57”  $37.99  051200 2-1200  Patio Rug 8x12 Green  $130.37
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