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              Patio Rugs Stakes                Folding Director Chair Foldable Bagged

                                                                                Chair - Racing Flag

                                                                                Large Black folding
                                                                                chair and recliner                 SECTION 01
                                                                                with Racing Flag
                                                                                design. Made with
                                                                                19mm steel frame
                                                                                with powder coated
                                                                                finish. Ajustable seating
              Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stakes easily secure                        positions and arm rests
              your patio rug or outdoor mat to the                              make for great comfort.
              ground. Made of rust-resistant nickel-                            Includes an insulated cup holder, large
              plated steel. Low-profile ensures a smooth                        storage pocket and a carrying bag.
              walking surface.                                                             Folding Chair-Recliner w/
                                                                                040098 36029               $72.06
              052004 2-2000  Patio Rug Stakes 4Pk  $4.84                                   Carrying Bag - BLK/Race Flag
              052005 2-2001  Patio Rug Stakes 6Pk  $6.05

                                                                                Foldable Bagged

                                                                                Chair - Camo                        OUTDOOR GEAR

                                                                                Large Black folding
                                                                                chair and recliner with
                                               Ming’s Mark Director Chairs are made   Camo design. Made
              Tent Stakes                      with an aluminum frame, 600D polyester   with 19mm steel frame
                                               fabric, including a side table, cup holder
                                                                                with powder coated
                                               and accessory pockets.           finish. Ajustable seating
              Plastic Tent Pegs - Rugged       Product Dimensions:              positions and arm rests
              design 9inches in length.        • Seat - W 19.8”, D 16”, H 18.9”  make for great comfort.
              Large no-slip hook. Bright       • Open - W 34.8”, D 19.5”, H 32.7”  Includes an insulated cup holder, large
              and easily seen. Durable         • Folded - W 18.5”, D 6”, H 32.6”  storage pocket and a carrying bag.
              polypropylene. Great for         • Weight - 8 lb, Capacity - 300 lb.         Folding Chair-Recliner w/
              staking down your tent when                                       040099 36030               $73.53
              camping. 6 per package.                                                      Carrying Bag - BLK/Camo
                                                   WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive
              050010 9496  9” Tent Stakes 6Pk  $4.31  Harm -
                                               040080 SL-1204-BLACK Flag Chair - Black Flag  $98.66
                                               040081 SL-1204-BLUE  Chair - Blue  $98.66  Stylish Folding Chair
                                               040082 SL-1204-BURGUNDY Chair - Burgundy  $98.66
                                               040083 SL-1204-GREEN  Chair - Green  $98.66  Stylish folding chair and
                                               040089 SL-1204- BROWN  Chair - Brown  $98.66  recliner made with 19mm
                                                                                steel frame with
                                                                                powder coated
                                                                                finish. Ajustable
                                               Heavy-Duty                       seating positions
                                                                                and arm rests make
              Fasten Footpath                  Director Chair                   for great comfort.
                                                                                Includes an
                                                                                insulated cup holder, large
                                                                                storage pocket and a carrying bag.  PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
                                                                                           Folding Chair-Recliner w/
                                                                                040097 36028               $73.53
                                                                                           Carrying Bag BLK/GRAY

                                                                                Side Chair Table
                                               Heavy-duty Burgundy Director Chair with
              Provides a sturdy, solid stepping surface   side table, 20.5” seat width, heavy-duty   Designed to fit most
              in muddy areas. Great as stepping stones-  flat aluminum frame, cushion, and 800D   recliners and chairs with
              helps keep shoes clean. Carrying handle   nylon fabric. Weighs less than 10 lbs.  “A” type frames. Provides
              easily twists to secure blocks together for                       perfect place to set a cup
              storage. Cut-out design makes for fast    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive   or book. Installs in seconds.
              and easy clean up. Made of durable, UV-  Harm -  Will not fit Elite chairs or    SPECIAL ORDER
              resistant polypropylene.         040087 SL-1214  Black w/Side Table  $145.66  rocker. 14” x 9” x 1.5”.
              050101 44530  FasTen Footpath, Charcoal  $52.56  040088 SL-1215  Burgundy w/Side Table  $145.66  040025 13-9003  Clip-On Chair Table  $11.60
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