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              Tablecloth w/Bench               Red Tablecloth                   Screen Repair
              Covers                           Clamps                           Self adhesive screen

              Camco’s Life is Better at        Hold table-                      patches contains 3-5” x 6
              the Campsite Tablecloth          cloths securely                  1/2” pieces.
              with Bench Covers                under the windiest conditions. Red plastic   000185 8150  Screen Patches 3Pk  $2.56  SECTION 01
              provide a clean eating           clamps won’t rust or corrode. Use on
              and seating surface for          tables from 1/2” to 2” thick.
              camping, picnics and             000112                      $2.50
              other outdoor activities.             44003  Tablecloth Clamps 4Pk
              This 3-piece set
              includes (1) 9-foot x 4 ½-foot tablecloth                         Awning Hangers
              and (2) 9-foot x 1 ½-foot bench covers.
              A flannel backing helps hold the cloth in
              place. Product is easy to clean.
               000504 53380 RV & Tree Sketch Design 9’ x 4-1/2’  $17.22
                                               Tablecloth Holder                • Hang lights, plants and camping
                                               TableBandZ is the                • Slide into utility slot on any brand awning
                                                                                 roller tube
                                               unique, patent
              Metal Table                      pending design,                  • Package includes hangers and “S” hooks
                                               that will secure
              Clamps                           your tablecloth on               Harm -
                                                                                   WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive
                                               virtually any type of
                                               picnic table. They are weather proof and    Awning Accessory Hangers   OUTDOOR GEAR
              Holds tablecloth tight onto      machine washable. TableBandZ attach   080431 A77041  Black Carded 7Pk  $10.82
              table. 6 stainless steel clamps   in seconds and do not require you to go    Awning Accessory Hangers
              per package.                     under the table to secure or have unsightly  080434 A77040  Gray Carded 7Pk  $11.14
                                               hooks. They are great for holding loose
              000115 527 Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clamps 6Pk  $4.74                      Awning Accessory Hangers
                                               items on the table that might blow in the   080439 A77045  White Carded 7Pk  $11.14
                                               wind.  They can also be installed in the
                                               wind without issues unlike other methods.
                                               The straps are easily folded and stored
                                               between uses and completely reusable.
              Retro RV Tablecloth              000905 BANDZWHITE White 2Pk  $10.36 Klippy Klips
                                               000906 BANDZBLACK Black 2Pk
              Clamps                                                            High impact
                                                                                Plastic Clips
              Camco’s Life                                                      with Rust-Proof
              is Better at the                                                  Stainless steel
              Campsite Retro RV                                                 springs, fast,
              help keep your tablecloth in place even on  WaterPak              easy, simple.
              Tablecloth Clamps
              a windy day. The flexible clamps fit tables   Replacement assemblies    WARNING: This product can
              from 5/16-inch to 1 ½-inches thick. Each   exclusively for Reliance Water   expose you to chemicals including lead,
              features a unique RV-shaped design and   Containers.  Reliance uses only   which is known to the State of California
              measures 4-inches (L) x 3 ½-inches (W)   food-grade approved plastics.    to cause cancer and birth defects or other
              x ½-inch (D). The clamps are made of a   Use for Aqua-Tainer/Water Pak/  reproductive harm. For more information,
              durable, UV-stabilized polymer. Quantity:   Aqua Pak/Jumbo-Tainer.  go to
              (4) clamps per pack.                                                                          $9.42
                                               010406 7210-03 Water-Pak - Replacement Spigot  $7.03  000626 M111  Patio Light Clips 10Pk
              000199 44004  Tablecloth Clamps 4Pk  $5.27                        200341 M122  Klippy Klips -Rope Light  $10.46

              Tablecloth Clamps                Tent Repair Kit                  Super                               PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

                                               Coghlan’s Tent Repair Kit        Klippy Klips
                                               is everything you need for
                                               quick emergency repairs.         Super Klippy Klip - Multi Use
                                               This Kit contains 2 pieces
                                               of 8 inches x 8 inches              WARNING: This product can expose
                                               waterproof canvas material,      you to chemicals including lead, which
              Hold table-cloths securely under the   1 piece approximately 8    is known to the State of California to
              windiest conditions. Spring loaded for   inches x 8 inches nylon   cause cancer and birth defects or other
              a more secure hold. Fits picnic or patio   window screen, needle, thread and tube of  reproductive harm. For more information,    SPECIAL ORDER
              tables up to 1.5 inches thick.   Coghlan’s canvas cement.         go to
              000111  51077  1.5” White 4Pk  $176.96  000130 703  Tent Repair Kit  $6.65  000627 M125  Super Klippy Klip  Multi-Use 4Pk  $15.15
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