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              LED Coconut                      Outdoor Solar Light              Rope Lights

              Palm Tree                        • Install on outside of RV and
              Decorative LED Rope Light - Coconut palm   • Provides lighting,
              tree with green leaves; green and yellow   safety and security
              LEDs, green rope; 4.9’ (1.5m) white lead   • Stays lit overnight                                     SECTION 01
              wire; Trunk brown powder coated; 120V;   when fully charged
              UL approved for indoor and outdoor use.  • Motion Sensor from
                                                dim to bright
              211681  808121  5’ Coconut Palm Tree  $133.31  • No Wiring Required 1-Minute to Install
              211682  808122  7’ Coconut Palm Tree  $202.51  Includes Hardware  • Rope Light Traks hold rope lights neatly
                                                                                 in place
                                                                                • Slide easily into awning utility track
                                                  WARNING: Reproductive Harm -   • 1/2” x 18’ UL listed 120 VAC clear LED
                                                rope lights
              LED Turtle Rope Light            200322 DG0168  Outdoor Solar Light-Large   $93.89  • Includes 6 plastic tracks that are 3’ long
                                                          6.8W, 800LM
                                                                                • Trak has a slot for the rope lights and an
              Decorative LED Rope Light -                                        extra track for shade or accessories –
              18” Turtle; Green Long Life                                        works with all hangers
              LEDs; green and yellow                                            • Made of UV stabilized materials
              rope; 4.9’ (1.5m) white
              lead wire; metal frame with                                          WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive
              stand; 120V AC; 31.2 Watts;                                       Harm -
              UL approved for indoor/
              outdoor use and comes with                                        200306 A30-0675  Rope Lights 18’ Multi-Colored   $32.37  OUTDOOR GEAR
              spare fuse. Applications include RV Patio,   Mini LED Rope Lights           Clam Shell
              landscape, pathways and gardens. Assembled                        200308 A30-0650 Rope Lights, 18’, Clear, Clam Shell $30.83
              product dimensions: 2 x 2 x 25 inches.                            220359 A30-0950 Rope Lights W/ traks 18’, Boxed  $77.20
              210184  808012 Decorative LED Rope Light - 18” Turtle $51.14

                                               • Miniature Rope Light with Durable LED Fit
              LED Flamingo                      into the Utility Slot on Awning to Provide   LED Strip Lights
                                                Bright, White Light for RV Porch
              Rope Light                       • Mini Rope Light Provide Light for RV Porch
                                               • LED Light Last Longer, Burn Brighter and
                                                Activate Faster than Incandescent Light
              Decorative LED Rope Light - 2’ Flamingo;   • Quick and Easy Installation Just Pop into
              pink LEDs; pink rope; 4.9’ (1.5m) white lead   Awning Utility Slot
              wire; metal frame with stand; 120V AC;   • Plug into 120 Volt DC Outlet and Turn on
              6.24 Watts;  24 LEDs per meter spaced   Automatically             Great light kit for adding additional light
              4.17m apart; UL approved for indoor/  • Clear Rope with White Light  soft light where needed with 300 of the
              outdoor use and comes with spare fuse.                            latest 5050 SMD diodes. Wireless remote
              Applications include RV Patio, landscape,    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive   with dimmer to provide soft or bright light.
              pathways and gardens.            Harm -   Kit includes 16’ strip, wireless remotes
                                                                                control and 12-volt AC outlet plug.
              211699  8080106  Decorative LED Rope Light - 2’   $50.98  200319 A30-0625VP Mini Rope Lights, 16’, Carded  $48.12  LED Strip Light 16’ Kit W/
                          Flamingo                                              211694  52686              $130.71
                                                                                           Remote - White

              RV Mister Track Rope

              • Cools the area                                                  16’ LED Strip Light
               beneath the awning                                                                                   PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
              • Pre-assembled                  Solar Light Rope                 Great for utility
               with RV TwinTrak®                                                lighting or
               for simple slide-in             • 18’ length, available          additional light
               installation                     in both blue and                where needed
              • Creates an additional awning utility slot   clear lights        with 300 of the
               for hanging accessories         • Switch to toggle               latest 5050 SMD
              • Misting supply tube extends 25’ for easy   between on/off/      diodes. Direct
               water source hookup              blink options                   12v wire option or standard 12v on/off
              • Includes 6 misting jets, 15’ of RV   • Sized to fit Valterra’s Rope Light Trak (A30-  switch. Daylight white is bright and great
               TwinTrak®s, hose wye shut off, pressure   0500) for easy attachment to awning  for providing work lighting or lighting up
               control valve, nylon storage bag                                 hard to see areas. Kit includes 16’ white
                                                  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive   strip, direct wire leads to 12v source, on/
                  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive   Harm -  off switch for 12v power source.   SPECIAL ORDER
              Harm -   200312 A30-0700 Solar Rope Lights, 18’, Clear, Boxed $43.40  LED Strip Light 16’ 12VDC -
              200302 A30-0800  RV Mistertrak, 15’, Boxed  $72.83  200317 A30-0725 Solar Rope Lights, 18’, Blue, Boxed  $38.37  200460 DG52689  Bright White  $125.69
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