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       SECTION 01  Potent Rodent            Mouse Repellant                  Spider Repellent
                                                                                                    Made in
                               POTENT MOUSE REPELLANT & MORE! the USA!

            Repellant Powder
                                            Grandpa Gus’s Poten Mouse
                                            Repellant contains naturally
                                            occuring ingrediants that        Pouches
                                                                             Stop spiders
            Potent Rodent                                                    BEFORE they
            Repellent Powder                are demanded by mondern          enter your bed,
            contains scents that            consumers…and they work!         closet or home.
            are offensive to RATS           Grandpa’s potent formula is up   Contains all-
            AND MICE, causing               to 10x stronger than granular    natural ingrediants, including: Peppermint
                                            repellents on the market.
            them to leave the area.                                          Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Calcium Carbonate.
            Sprinkle 1 ounce on a           Peppermint Oil:                  To use, simply place a pouch where you’ve
            paper plate near the            • Deters mice from moving in     seen spiders, their webs or bugs they eat.
            problem area, or lightly         and building nests              Safe around kids & pets! Made in the USA.
            sprinkle around any             • Freshens area and masks odors   Each package contains 10 pouches (enough
                                             Cinnamon Oil:
            machinery, RV or small                                           for one home cabin or RV).
            building you want to protect.   • Stops rodents from chewing
                                            • Ensures they don’t try again   501227 GPS-10-6  10 Pk 8.8 oz Mesh Pouches  $26.09
            501216 GRG-24-6  24 oz Jug  $25.03
                                            501210 GSB-8A-15  8 fl oz Spray  $10.40
                                                                             Mosquito Repellent
            Mouse Pouches 10Pk              Tick Repellent                   Grandpa Gus’s All-Natural
                                                                             Mosquito Repellent is formulated
                                            Grandpa Gus’s All-Natural Tick   for American mosquitoes.
                                            Repellant stops ticks on humans   • Deet-free (huge benefit for
                                            and dogs; is made with natural    modern customers)
                                            plant oils—safe on skin; sprays on   • Safe for kids
                                            skin, protects for hours; water-  • Sprays on skin, protects for hours
                                            based, no oil feel; perfect size for   • Perfect size for pocket or purse
                                            pocket, back pack or glove box.
                                            Made in the USA!
                                                                             501214  GMQ-4-20  4 fl oz Spray  $6.31
                                            501215  GTK-4-20  4 fl oz Spray  $6.31
           Grandpa Gus’s potent Cinna-Mint scented
           Mouse Repellent pouches freshen air,                              Squirrel & Chipmunk
           absorb odors and repels mice through any
           season. Includes 10 mesh pouches (each   Tick Pickers             Repellent
           pouch (1.38 oz)). Made in the USA!  $27.12  Never leave the RV feeling
         SPECIAL ORDER                      unprepared again with            • Stings squirrels and chipmunks
                       10Pk Mesh Pouches
                                                                              when they try to chew on
                                            Grandpa Gus’s Tick Pickers.
                                                                              sprayed areas and objects
                                            Picks conveniantly slide
                                                                             • Meant for home and backyard
                                            between the tick and the
                                                                              use (nontoxic)
            Burlap Mouse Pouches            skin. Once snug, simply          • Will not harm flowers or plants
                                            twist to remove the tick.
                                                                             • Safe around kids & pets
                                            501218 TPK-2-12  2Pk w/Click Strip  $5.19
            Why Retailers                                                    501230 GCC-8-15  8 fl oz Spray  $10.40
            Love Gus’s
            • Dynamite                       Potent Spider                   Bed Bug Defense
            jumps off                                                        Pouches
            the shelf and                    & Ant Spray
            grabs attention                                                  Stop Bed Bugs
            immediately                     Grandpa Gus’s Spider/Ant         Before they enter
            • The best smelling pouches on the   Repellent stops spiders and ants   your bed, closet or
            market, using a unique candy cane blend   from crossing areas you spray   home. Contains all-
            of peppermint and cinnamon      • Easy spot-spray and baseboard   natural ingredients,
            • Gus’s pouches target the mouse’s nose,   treatment             including: Citronella Oil and Lemongrass
            eyes, and mouth                 • Great for using in the RV, garage,   Oil. To use: simply place a pouch at each
            • A dry vermiculite, odor absorbing base   pantry or basement    corner of your bed. Safe around kids and
            that doesn’t attract mice       • All-natural formula protects your RV and family  pets! Made in the USA.
            501211  GMM-4-15  4Pk 5.5 oz Burlap Pouches  $15.88  501217  GSS-8-15  8 fl oz Spray  $10.40  501226 GXX-8-6  8Pk .56 oz Mesh Pouches/Pkg  $15.61
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