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              Soft Beret Mantle                Bug Swatter

              • Beret style soft mantles       Eliminate nuisance bugs
              • Designed for low               with a swipe of the wrist.
               pressure LP gas                 Simply press button on the handle and
               devices                         electrocute bugs and mosquitoes that   POTENT MOUSE REPELLANT & MORE!
              171126  A10-0003  Soft Beret Mantles 2Pk Bagged  $6.74  contact metal grid. A low power electric     SECTION 01
                                               charge powered by 2 AA batteries (not
                                               included) does the job. Kills flies, mosquitoes   STARTER KITS
                                               and other flying insects on contact. Not a
                                               toy, keep out of reach of children.
              Rainbow Flame Stick              you to chemicals including lead, which  Mouse Starter Kit
                                                  WARNING: This product can expose
              Toss into a brightly             is known to the State of California to
              burning fire to enjoy            cause cancer and birth defects or other
              - blue and green flames.         reproductive harm. For more information,
              1.45 oz tube. Granular           go to
              crystal. Pre-measured sealed                                $13.98
              stick. Toss into brightly burning   000936 12-8010  Battery Bug Swatter
              fire. Wood fires only.
                  WARNING: This product can expose
              you to chemicals including silica, which is   Flyshooters
              known to the State of California to cause
              cancer. For more information go to                                                                    OUTDOOR GEAR
               The Flyshooter is handy          Mouse Starter Kit Contains:
                                               to have at home,
              009507 715S  Rainbow Flame Stick - 24Pk  $77.55                   • (x4) Arrow# 501211 Burlap Pouches
                                               office, picnics, boating,         Mouse Repellent - 4-Pack, 5.5 oz per pack
                                               camping, hunting, fishing, anywhere   • (x2) Arrow# 501213 Cinna-Mint scented
                                               and everywhere. The “gun’s” projectile is   Mouse Pouches 10-Pack
                                               constructed like a flyswatter and smashes
                                               bugs against flat objects when fired   • (x4) Arrow# 501210 Mouse Repellent
                                                                                 Spray 8 fl oz made with peppermint oil
              Fire Starter Stick               correctly within the Flyshooter’s range. A   and cinnamon oil.   $157.09
                                               fun way to knock out annoying bugs
              Camco’s fire starter             000935 100-75R  Flyshooter Fly Deterrent  $4.77  501228 GG-CC-1  Mouse Starter Kit
              sticks are a quick
              and easy way to
              start fires. They
              are non-toxic,                   Fresh Cab Botanical
              waterproof and
              will burn completely             Rodent Repellent
              without odor. They are easy to
              carry and easy to store.
                                               Fresh Cab Mouse Repellent
              000515 51017  Fire Starter Stick 12Pk  $2.88  is a safe alternative to   Spider Starter Kit
                                               traditional baits and is safe for
                                               homeowner use. It comes
                                               packaged in a pouch for
                                               easy application. Just place
                                               the pouch in the area
              Rechargeable UVA                 where you want to keep
                                               mice out.  A single pouch is good for 250
              LED Light Bug                    sq. ft. Heavily infested areas may require                           PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
                                               up to a single pouch per 8 sq. ft. Each box
                                               contains four pouches.
                                               501008 FC4P36D6  4 Pouches/Box 2.5 Oz/Pouch  $19.40
                                                                                Spider Starter Kit Contains:
                                                                                • (x4) Arrow# 501227 Spider Repellent
                                                                                 Mesh Pouches 10-Pack, 8.8 oz per pouch
                                               Stay Away Rodent                 • (x4) Arrow# 501217 Potent Spider & Ant
                                                                                 Spray, 8 fl oz.
                                               • reshens and protects           501229 GG-CC-2  Spider Starter Kit  $154.32
              High efficiency UV-A LED insect luring light   storage areas for up to
              with white emergency LED light. Comes   3 months
              with a cleaning brush that stores onto   • Basements/attics,
              zapper, and a carrying handle. Coverage   pantries, garages/         SEE NEXT PAGE FOR MORE OF
              up to 165 sq. ft. 4.25”W x 9”H    sheds, autos/trucks.                                                 SPECIAL ORDER
              210167  BZ5001  Rechargeable UV-A LED Bug   $59.32                    GRANDPA GUS’S PRODUCTS
                          Zapper Emergency Light  501031 SA2P32N8ROD 2 Pouches/Box  $13.62
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