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16                                      LED Extension Cord               Voyager Fire Pit

       SECTION 01 LED Strip Light           12’ power extension for Diamond

                                            LED Strip Lighting products allows
                                            direct connection
                                            to the LED strip
                                            and an additional
                                            12’ for easy connection of direct 12-volt DC
                                            power or remote receivers. Connect up to

            LED strip light 33’ kit with remote
                                            connect LED strips together. Weatherproof.
            multicolor 12V or 110AMP adapter.
                                            Mfr. 5 year warranty.
                                                                              parks, camping, tailgating, and more!
                                                                             • Lightweight and easy to carry (under 20 lbs.)
            211670  52694 LED Strip Light 33’ Kit w/ Remote  $175.69  five for 60’ extension. Can also be used to   • Perfect for backyards, patios, beaches,
                                                 52673 12’ Power Extension for LED Strip Lighting $12.98
                                                                             • Folding Legs and Locking Lid for
                                                                              transport and storage - Collapses to 9.5”h
                                                                              X 19”w x 19”d
                                                                             • 54,000 BTUs of smoke free outdoor comfort
            LED Strip Light                                                  • 15” Diameter Burner Opening with
                                                                              variable HI to LOW settings
            Multi-Color                                                      • 8’ Hose with attached regulator included
                                                                              - LP Gas Only. Includes large White
                                                                              Natural Pumice Stones
                                            Universal LED Kit                and maintained in accordance with the
                                                                                 WARNING: If not installed, operated
                                                                             manufacturer’s instructions, this product
                                                                             could expose you to substances in fuel or
                                                                             from fuel combustion which can cause
                                                                             death or serious illness and which are known
                                                                             to The State of California and in certain
           Features 300 of the latest technology                             states to cause cancer, birth defects or
           5050 SMD Diodes, waterproof and can                               other reproductive harm. Also, operation,
           be cut up to your specific length every                           installation and servicing of this product could
           2 inches. Includes aggressive 3M tape                             expose you to airborne particles of glasswool
           backing that will adhere to any clean   These fun, 3M adhesive-backed, energy saving   fibers known to The State of California to
           surface. Wireless remote included and can   LEDs are great for parties or just enjoying the   cause cancer through inhallation. For more
           be programmed to run 16 different colors.   evening outside. These lights can attach to   information go to
           Direct wire to a 12-volt power source or   your awning, the side of your coach or just       $227.31
           use 110 converter included in kit. Easy to   about anywhere you want them. All Carefree   140585 3033A  Portable Fire Pit, Red
           install and last 50,000 hours.   LED lighting strips are trim to fit for custom
            211462  52687  6’ LED Strip Light Kit - 16 Colors  $74.34  lengths and are completely waterproof.
            200461 52688  16’ LED Strip Light Kit - 16 Colors $133.60  200025 SR0112  16’ Kit Universal LED Color  $242.85
            211693  52680  16’ LED Strip Light Only For   $100.93  200026 SR0113  16’ LED Lighting Strips White
                       Adding On To 52688

         SPECIAL ORDER  Waterproof LED light
            Revolution Light Strip

           strip allows for either
           external or interior
           usage. Fully dimmable            FlameDisk
           LED’s. Weatherproof
           unit allows you to use it in     Try the FlameDisk.               Pop-Up Pit
           virtually any location- around &   This charcoal
           under awning, in hatches, near steps, under   alternative lights   Floor Display
           cabinets, or on any exterior surface to extend   instantly and
           outdoor activities. Multiple program features   burns for 45
           allow fade, strobe, flash or smooth transition   minutes, easily   Retail floor display.
           between colors. Bright lights add safety and   enough time for a
           security with low energy consumption. Low   couple of rounds          WARNING: This
           profile flexible strips are 3/8”W. Long life   of grilled food.   product can expose you
           LED’s offer over 50,000 hours of use. 300   Put it in your Old    to chemicals including
           LED’s in 16.4’ of colorful dimmable LED lights   Smokey Charcoal Grill, peel the lid and light.   nickel, chromium
           (White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple   It only takes one match. The perforated top   (hexavalent compounds), and lithium
           and Orange). Includes industrial strength,   plate - also known as the SmokerPlate - is   carbonate which are known to the State of
           waterproof 5M adhesive strip. Operating   another advantage. When juices drip off   California to cause cancer and birth defects
           Temp. -13 degrees F to 140 degrees F. 120’   food, they land on the plate providing true   or other reproductive harm. For more
           degree wide angled beam.         flame-grilled taste.             information, go to
            200462 016-SL5100 LED Strip Light w/Remote  $71.20  000474 SG100  Flame Disk 10Pk  $6.23  009126 MC010 Fire Kit 6Pk & Grills 3Pk w/Display  $749.20
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