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              Tripod Grill                     Sidekick Grill Valve             Grill Basket

              Ideal for cookouts,                                               The 6-up Burger
              this grill can be placed         This Quick Disconnect            Grill features Six
              anywhere. Its stable             Valve is made to                 wire “pockets”
              height 18” adjustable            go with the 48” LP               for grilling
              grill surface is supported by a 3pc. galvanized   hose for the Sidekick   burgers & crab cakes.
              steel tri-pod. The legs are shock-corded   grill. It features a   9” x 13” basket, 1” depth, 29”     SECTION 01
              together and collapse for easy storage.  1/2” FPT (female pipe thread) to valve quick
                                               disconnect with shut-off valve. This SideKick   overall length. Chrome plated steel. Made
              000791 9340  Tri-pod Grill  $32.68  Disconnect Valve is designed for those who   by family camping cookware specialists,
                                               do not have RVs pre-plumbed with a quick   Rome Industries.
                                               disconnect valve.                000910 64  Hamburger Broiler Grill Basket  $12.91
                                               009516 LPFQDFIT-FV Sidekick Grill w/QD Valve  $32.80
              Portable Propane

              Campfire                                                          Round Pie Iron

                                                                                As much as people
                                               Grill Mounting Rail              love the traditional
                                                                                square design, there
                                                                                is a vocal crowd of passion for our round
                                                                                Pie Iron. It’s all in the way the cooker seals
                                                                                the food. Locking in flavors whether it’s a   OUTDOOR GEAR
                                                                                hamburger, quick bread or dessert. With
              Have a campfire wherever you go! Our   Used for hanging portable grills or other   a sandwich, the round design crimps the
              compact, portable campfire is great for   accessories on the side of your RV. It is   corners of the bread to form a firm seal
              campsites with fire restrictions against in-  highly recommended that this support be   (similar to ravioli.) 4.25” dia. Head; 28”
              ground fires. Perfect for tailgating or on the   installed by a qualified RV dealer.  overall length. Weight: 2.5 lbs
              patio, its size is convenient and perfect for                     000461 1805  Round Pie Iron  $24.39
              wherever you need a fire. Realistic log pieces
                                                  WARNING: This product can expose
              and full ring burner help create the natural   you to chemicals including lead, which
              look and ambiance of wood log campfires.   is known to the State of California to
              Sturdy lid and secure latches make the Little
              Red Campfire safe and easy to transport. Uses   cause cancer and birth defects or other
                                               reproductive harm. For more information,
              standard LP gas. RV campground approved.
                                               go to  $10.62 Square Pie Iron
                  WARNING: This product can expose   009509 57268  RV Mounting Rail For Grill
              you to chemicals including lead, which                            The classic, best
              is known to the State of California to                            selling Pie Iron loved
              cause cancer and birth defects or other                           by camp cookers
              reproductive harm. For more information,                          throughout North America. The generous
              go to                                     cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches
              009504 58031  Portable Propane Campfire  $292.03                  and deserts without wasting bread. Solid
                                                                                cast iron design holds up to the rigors
                                               BBQ Pizza Pan                    of the campfire. 4 ¼” x 4 ½” Head; 28”
                                                                                overall length. Weight: 3.10 lbs,

                                               Eastman Outdoors                 000460 01705  Square Cast Iron  $23.91
              Cylinder Adapter                 offers High-
                                               Quality cooking
                                               products that
              Safely and easily                outdoor chefs
              installs to one of               are hungering
              Camco’s propane                  for. Products developed are done in   Double Pie Iron                PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE
              connection kits (59103,          connection with leading chefs to adapt
              59123 or 59143) to use the       professional-grade equipment for   The big daddy of pie irons.
              onboard propane supply to fuel   outdoor cooking: equipment that’s ideal   Our double sized cast iron
              your Campfire. Can also be used to   for backyard get-togethers, tailgating   allows you to maximize
              convert any appliance from a Type I ACME   and camping. The BBQ Pizza Pan is an   the cooking versatility.
              to a 1”-20 Throwaway connection for use   innovative tool to transform your BBQ   Two grilled sandwiches
              with a disposable 1-lb bottle of LP Gas.  grill into an outdoor convection oven.   at a time are a breeze.
                                               The heat shield on the bottom protects   Also perfect for calzone,
                  WARNING: This product can expose   the crust from burning while ensuring a   fish, pastrys, chops and
              you to chemicals including lead, which   deliciously crisp pizza with the cheese   quick breads. Since it’s cast iron you can
              is known to the State of California to   evenly melted. All pizza types work   let it cook in the coals like a dutch oven.
              cause cancer and birth defects or other   well whether it is frozen, refrigerated or   Each side of the cooker also serves as a
              reproductive harm. For more information,   homemade. The surface of the pan is non   small skillet. 4.25” x 8.25” Head, 28” overall    SPECIAL ORDER
              go to    stick, so clean up is easy.      length. Weight: 5.25 lbs
              171058  59213  Campfire Propane Adapter  $64.01  000478 90414  BBQ Pizza Pan  $36.81  000458 1605  Double Pie Iron  $33.32
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